Steps To Follow When Your Car Is Overheating


Overheating is a common problem vehicle owners face so, you are not the only one reading this at the moment. Note this fact.

When your car overheats, you have just a few seconds before the engine becomes severely damaged if you don’t take the first step. You must act fast.

We have previously written about the causes of overheating, but in this article, we shall focus on what to do when your car overheats.


Here are common signs that your vehicle is overheating.

  • Steam from the front of the vehicle
  • Strange odour and smell.
  • The temperature gauge turns red or spikes to “H”

If you frequently experience overheating, getting your car checked is a good solution. However, having these things in your car is important in case of emergencies.

  • One gallon of coolant ( a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze fluid and water).
  • Some quarts of oil
  • Basic tool kits
  • Towel
  • Heavy-duty glove

Steps to take when your car overheats

  1. Turn off AC and Crank the Heat

This should be your first step when you notice your car is overheating. Turn off the Air conditioner quickly and turn the heat to the maximum level. This helps to reduce the pressure on the vehicle engine and divert the heat from the engine to the passenger compartment. With this step, you can prevent the heat from causing severe damage to your vehicle until you pull over.

2. Pull Over

Driving further will be dangerous for your engine. Look for a safe place to pull over then shut off the engine and let it cool off for about 15 minutes. Watch the temperature gauge move back to normal. It is advisable to connect with a reliable technician or auto shop at this point. You can contact us for a certified technician or call for roadside assistance.


3. Add Coolant

After 15 minutes and the hood is cool enough to touch, put on gloves, open the hood and check for the radiator cap. Place a towel on the cap then push down slowly and loosen it to let out the pressure that has built up.

Then, open the cap to check the coolant level of your vehicle. If it’s low, then, you can add some more. This will help your engine keep cool until you can finally get it fixed. But this might not help so well if the coolant hose is clogged.

4. Drive to our workshop

Now, you can start your engine and drive. But, bear in mind that this process can only help you drive safely to a workshop for repair. It doesn’t solve the overheating problem. There are several causes of overheating that you may not know. You still need a technician to inspect and check what the real problem is and fix it. Keep your eyes on the temperature gauge, if it keeps rising, pull over and wait for it cool again.

Continue repeating the process until you get a service station. If there is no workshop nearby, you can contact us at Mecho Autotech for on-demand repair.

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